Bake for WDC

Quick & Easy Fundraising Ideas

Choose something simple that you will enjoy doing, then get all your friends, family and colleagues involved. Have a fin-tastic time.
  1. Bake for Belugas. Make whale-shaped cookies and sell to friends or colleagues. Whale-shaped cutters available from WDC’s online shop.
  2. The Gift of Freedom. Wedding Anniversary? Birthday? Getting married? Help give whales and dolphins the gift of freedom by requesting donations to WDC instead of gifts. 
  3. Fin(e) Fashion: Could your Rotary, Golf or society organise a Fashion Show - Pearls and Prosecco for Porpoises perhaps?
  4. Dine for Dolphins. ‘Come dine with me’ evenings are sociable, fun and a great way to try out new recipes. Groups of 4 pay £30 to compete. £60 goes to the winning team, £60 to WDC – easy as pie!  
  5. Brew for the Blue (Whale). At around £2 a cup, a month of take-away coffees cost you around£60. Make your own and donate £2 to WDC instead. Persuade your colleagues to do the same. No reusable cup? Buy one from Ethical Superstore.
  6. Beluga Boot Camp. Get sponsored to get fit. Swim, run, walk, cycle… etc.
  7. Dance for Dolphins, Waltz for Whales, Bop for Belugas, Ceroc for Cetaceans. Whatever style, whatever speed, hold a Dance-a-thon!  Gymnasts can leap, jump or Spin like Spinners. Taekwondo, kickboxing or judo clubs can participate by doing Bootcamp for Belugas.
  8. Hourglass Figure – are you a bit on the Heaviside? Be sponsored to lose that blubber - the whales will gain.
  9. Green-fingered gardeners can provide cuttings and excess home-grown produce in return for a donation. Do you make jam or chutneys from your produce?  Sell a few jars – everyone loves home-made.
  10. Don it for Dolphins / Wear it for Whales.  Dress-down (or up) day at work or school. Pink for Pilots – go pink from head to toe (or blue). The loudest shirt, the wildest, wackiest tie or headgear – be creative! (and send us photos!).
  11. Silence for Sei’s: a sponsored silence isn’t as easy as it sounds! Could you rise to the challenge?
  12. The 30-30 Club: Get 30 (60 or 90?) friends, relatives, colleagues to donate £1 a month (for 3, 6 or 12 months) and draw a name out of the hat at the end of the period – winner takes half the pot and WDC receives the rest.
  13. Name the Whale, Dolphin or Porpoise: 50p a square for 50 names = £25. Name grids available from
  14. Hair today, gone tomorrow.  Go for the (sponsored) chop or beard shave.
  15. Will for Whales.  Don’t put off writing your Will any longer – it’s easier than you think. Our mission is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free and we can do this with a gift in your Will, however large or small. You can find out more here.. 
  16. Toys not Tanks. Children, are you bored with your old toys? Take an unwanted toy (in good condition) to school, pay £1 to swap with your classmates and then enjoy something new.  Would your whole school do it too? 
  17. Ride for Rights. Cycle/walk to work instead of taking the bus and donate your bus fare - try it for a month.
  18. Challenge for Cetaceans. Face your biggest fear or dare to do something totally different.There's a challenge to suit everyone - contact for inspiration.
  19. Armchair Challenger – take part in WDC’s 2019 Gamers for Orcas- contact us at
  20. Party for a Porpoise. Celebrate New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer Garden Party, Halloween......collecting jars or buckets for donations available from
For WDC's younger supporters, why not download '15 Fun Fundraising Ideas for Helping Flippered Friends'?
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