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Norway For Whales

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Be part of the wave of change

There's been a global whaling ban since 1986, but the governments of a few countries still defy it. One of these is Norway. Norwegian whalers kill more than 500 whales every year, more than in Japan or Iceland. You can help stop this.

Decades of foreign condemnation have not ended the hunts and it’s time for a fresh approach. Change must come from within Norway, so we are nurturing a network of Norwegian activists and supporting the growing movement of young people who want to protect whales, the planet and their future.

Join this #WaveOfChange and help create a Norway For Whales.

How will we change things?

We’ll bring together people who will push for an end to whaling.

We’ll harness the policy-changing power of politicians, lawyers, influencers, and passionate Norwegian people; uniting efforts, increasing knowledge, changing minds, until we end the killing of these beautiful, intelligent, thinking, feeling beings.

What's our action plan?

  • We'll support and nurture grassroots activism and opposition within Norway, building networks and connections that will become a #WaveOfChange

  • We'll grow public awareness of whaling and nurture an appreciation of whales as our allies in tackling the climate and biodiversity emergencies

  • We'll lobby for hunts to be closely monitored and scrutinised so that the suffering caused to whales is exposed

  • We'll promote whale watching as an economic alternative to hunting and support a network of responsible whale watch operators

  • Through whale meat testing, polling and other projects, we'll provide the data needed to back up the campaigning

Join the #WaveOfChange

By making a donation, you'll be a changemaker. You will join a global movement of people creating a Norway For Whales, not by condemning, but by connecting and mobilising and shaking things up.