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No whale meat in UK and EU ports

Stop whalers using our ports for their cruel trade

What's the problem?

The UK and many EU countries oppose whaling. The EU does not allow its Member States to trade in whale products. Yet we allow ships carrying whale meat and products to dock at our ports.

Icelandic and Norwegian whalers have shipped and transferred whale products through ports such as Southampton, Rotterdam and Hamburg.

By allowing these shipments to pass through our ports we’re helping the trade and supporting commercial whaling.

Shipping whale meat across the globe without stopping at UK and EU ports is very costly. If we close off EU ports to whale cargo, we hit the whalers in the pocket.

Together we need to:

  1. Continue to push the EU to shut its ports to ships carrying whale meat.
  2. Sound the alarm when we discover whalers have used our ports.
  3. Persuade the UK to close its ports to whale meat transit.



The Story so far

We're keeping up the pressure and are making progress.


More than 100,000 people signed our petition, sending a strong message to the UK government that it needs to act to stop whale meat passing through our ports.


EU parliamentarians took us seriously and voted overwhelmingly to get a ban on whalers using EU ports. There's still a lot more work for us to do to turn this support into a legal ban.

No whale meat in EU ports: we've achieved a lot together

105,990 people signed our petition urging the UK government to get tough.

MEPs voted overwhelmingly that there should be a ban on whale meat passing through our ports.