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Help Michelin Change The Course

Whale meat dish campaign image

Help Michelin to change the course

Michelin represents the gold standard in fine dining. If you think about excellence in the restaurant industry, you probably think about Michelin with its stars and its guide. So, it might come as a shock to hear that the Michelin Guide recommends eating in restaurants that have whale meat on the menu, and even rewards some with a Michelin Star. 

By persuading a globally respected brand like Michelin to stop encouraging people to eat in restaurants where whales might be served, we will send a powerful message that cruelty and the consumption of threatened species are not marks of excellence.

We've had some extremely positive conversations with Michelin, and they want to work with us to do the right thing. We need you to show that the public is behind them, encouraging them to make the right decision. Together we can take whales off the menu.

How will this change things?

You might wonder how getting Michelin to help us take whales off the menu in fine dining restaurants will make a difference. Most of us don’t eat in Michelin-starred restaurants, and if we do, it’s a rare treat. But Michelin are hugely influential.

Many of our TV chefs have a Michelin Star and it’s the dream of aspiring cooks on shows like Masterchef. A firm stand by Michelin will send a clear message, throughout the world of food, that eating whales is unacceptable.

We are asking Michelin to help us change the course in the restaurant industry - here's why:

  • Whales cannot be killed humanely at sea. They can take hours to die, and many heavily pregnant whales are killed 

  • Whales play an important role in the health of the marine environment by capturing carbon and promoting ocean biodiversity

  • No threatened, vulnerable, or endangered species should ever be served in a restaurant

  • Restaurant menus should never feature species that have been protected through international agreements like the global whaling ban

  • If a restaurant has whale meat on the menu, we think it should be ineligible for a Michelin Star or inclusion in the Michelin Guide

Please show your support.

Sign our letter to Michelin today.