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What is the problem?

Like you, dolphins, porpoises and whales breathe air. When they get caught in a fishing net or rope and can’t reach the surface to breathe, they panic and can sustain terrible injuries before suffocating to death. It’s a horrific way to die and an environmental own goal, because dolphins and whales help us fight the climate crisis.

Government ministers could save more than 1,000 dolphins, porpoises and whales from this fate every year. So why haven’t they done it?

Tell them you expect action.

What can you do?

  • Tweet the fisheries ministers. Click on the message below and it will create the tweet for you.
We can SAVE 1K dolphins & porpoises from dying in UK fishing nets every year. STOP the suffering. Ministers MUST commit to targets & deadlines in the Joint Fisheries Statement to meet legal duty to #EndBycatch. @pow_rebecca @MairiGougeon @lesley4wrexham @poots_edwin #NotInOurNets Click to Tweet

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has got involved with our campaign. The 'email the minister' action is now closed but if you are on Twitter, you can still help by posting our pre-prepared tweet.

BenTowel compressed

Campaign support

We’re proud that Watford FC and former England goalkeeper Ben Foster is supporting our campaign. Ben said:

'It’s my job to keep things out of nets – to make important saves. So I got involved with the #NotInOurNets campaign to use my role in football as a platform for change, to help save whales and dolphins and keep them out of nets.

Around 1,000 goals hit the back of the net in a Premier League season, and more than 1,000 dolphins and porpoises die in UK fishing nets every year. By putting pressure on our fisheries ministers, we can keep dolphins safe in UK seas.'