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Stop whaling in Iceland

Add your voice - stop the cruel whale slaughter in Iceland

A new report has exposed the true horror of Iceland's whale hunts. But Iceland's foreign minister seem to think that the lack of protest about these shocking revelations means that the world doesn't care.

Let's make our voices heard. Tell the Icelandic government and ambassador that you expect action.

What can you do?

  • Email the Icelandic ambassador. Just complete the form.
  • Tweet the Iceland government. Click on the message below and it will create the tweet for you.
Please end Iceland's killing of whales. Your own investigation has exposed the shocking cruelty of the hunts and given you the opportunity to #StopWhaling for good. The world needs you to act. @MFAIceland @thordiskolbrun @SturlaSigurjons @IcelandinUK Click to Tweet

Take action

Complete the form and hit 'submit' and we'll send the email below to Sturla Sigurjónsson, the Icelandic ambassador to the UK, on your behalf.

(If you are not in the UK, you can still send the email or tweet, or send an email to the ambassador to your country.)

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