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Influencing international agreements

Fighting for whales

What's the problem?

The International Whaling Commission(IWC) is the body that regulates whaling. In 1986 it enforced a ban on whaling for commercial profit. Japan consistently uses shady tactics to try to overturn this ban, while Iceland and Norway refuse to be bound by the IWC's rules.

What change do we want to see?


Together we need to:

  1. Fight Japan's attempts to undermine the whaling ban and ensure it stays in force.
  2. Expose illegal hunts.
  3. Provide scientific evidence to the IWC about the suffering involved in whale hunts and the vital role whales play in combatting climate change and keeping the oceans healthy.


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The Story so far

If we hadn't been at the IWC meetings for the last three decades,many more whales would have died


Our undercover investigations exposed the fact that Greenland's whale hunt was commercial and not just to meet the needs of its Inuit people. The IWC took action.


Did we do something to block a humpback quota?


Something about keeping the ban in place?


Something about eco whale report?

Join our latest campaign

Tell Carnival to stop exploiting dolphins

Dolphins should not be held captive to be kissed by tourists every day. Dolphins should be free to live with their families making their own choices about how they spend their days.

Carnival is the largest cruise operator in the world. It owns big names like P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard and others. We have been raising this issue with Carnival and its subsidiaries for years now. We’ve provided them with information about how swim-with-dolphins facilities are bad for the dolphins held captive and forced to interact with tourists, as well as for the environment and the wild dolphin populations left behind.

We’ve given them the evidence and yet they still promote these cruel dolphin 'shore-excursions'. It’s time they stopped fobbing us off. It’s time for you to tell them that you won’t tolerate this cruelty.

If Carnival takes a stand, others may follow. So let's ask Carnival to show us they're the leader they claim to be. It's time to stop profiting from dolphin exploitation.

Ending the demand: we've achieved a lot together

Virgin Holidays agreed to stop selling holidays to marine parks that take whales or dolphin from the wild.

Thomas Cook has dropped parks that don’t meet minimum welfare standards.

Trip Advisor will no longer sell tickets to facilities offering contact with captive, wild or endangered creatures.