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Help us uncover the dark side of captivity


What can you do?

Sign our letter to Peter Ulwahn, TUI's CEO of Musements. We're asking TUI, as the world's largest travel company, to commit to an ethical phase-out of whale and dolphin captivity and become a champion for whale and dolphin mental health.

Ask TUI to help make this generation of captive whales and dolphins the last.

Whales and dolphins are intelligent, emotional, far-travelling beings. Like us, their mental health suffers when they are confined and their choices are removed.

TUI fuels this mental health crisis by promoting these ‘attractions’ to its customers.

We have already persuaded Virgin Holidays, British Airways, Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor and to stop selling tickets to captive whale and dolphin attractions and Expedia followed last year. Now let’s help TUI shake off the cruel past and build a kinder, more sustainable future for tourism.

Depressed. Drugged. Desperate. See the world through a dolphin's eyes and help us uncover the #DarkSideOfCaptivity.

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