Off the Map Travel

WDC are proud to work with specialist travel company Off the Map Travel, who launched its new responsible whale watching experience range in 2015 - becoming the first ever UK-based travel company to fully adhere to Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC) policy on 'responsible whale watching’, across all of its trips.

In addition, Off the Map are supporting WDC financially by taking out a Corporate Adoption of Holly, Bend, Fife and Simoon, four amazing orcas who are part of the Northern Resident population who spend the summer months around British Columbia, Canada! This will help WDC to continue work to ensure that whales and dolphins around the world are able to live safe and free in their natural habitat. 
Jonny Cooper, Director of Off the Map Travel, said: “We are very proud to be the first ever UK-based travel company to fully comply with WDC's standards on responsible whale watching with every experience sold and fully adhere to WDC’s best practice guidelines. "
To find out more about WDC’s partnership with Off the Map Travel, and their range of responsible whale-watching holidays please visit