IWC Resolution on Environmental Changes and Cetaceans

IWC/50/28 Agenda Item 18 or 15.2

Sponsored by: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico,
Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand. Oman, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United
Kingdom and United States.

NOTING that the United Nations has declared 1998 as the International Year of the Ocean, in

Report of IWC Meeting - or Two days in 'Wonderland'

Saturday the 16th May, Sunday 17th May 1998 and Monday 18th May

Having attended many Commission meetings, WDCS has witnessed some bizarre occurrences, but none so strange as during the first three days of IWC50.

The Commission meeting was plunged into chaos on its first morning of plenary when what appeared to be deliberate stalling tactics were employed by Japan and its Caribbean allies in order to stop progress and discussion on any substantive points of the already packed agenda.

IWC briefing - Norwegian subsidies

To view a WDCS report on Norway's subsidising of its whaling operations please download the attached file (word 6 format)

IWC briefing - Total Catches over Time

Aboriginal whaling

Historically, in managing certain aboriginal subsistence hunts, the IWC has set the limit on the number of whales which may be struck and lost. This was achieved by placing a cap on total allowable landings and by setting a struck and loss rate. By reducing the allowable 'struck rate' over time, improvements in hunting skill, and increased consideration for the welfare of the whales, is encouraged. (This situation is addressed in detail in the WDCS briefing on Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling).

Commercial whaling

IWC - Whalers closer to their goal

The 50th meeting of the IWC will open tomorrow with a resuscitation of the Irish Proposal which was tabled and rejected at the last meeting. Supporters of the proposal claim that it was killed by the whalers, who are resisting their good faith attempts to bring whaling back under the control of the Commission. WDCS believes, however, that the Proposal's supporters are being duped by the protestations of Norway and Japan, and that the Irish Proposal is exactly what they want.

Press Release - Smoke, Mirrors and Blubber: Whalers Closer to achieving goal.



WDCS believes that many of the nations gathered at the 50th meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Oman starting on May 16th are being duped by Norway and Japan's plan to achieve a resumption of legitimised commercial whaling:

The Dolphin Traders" - The Report"

"The Dolphin Traders" is now available. For a full copy of our in-depth report into the trade of bottlenose dolphins from the Black Sea region please download the attached file (word 6 format).

For further information about the report please contact WDCS.

The Dolphin Traders" - WDCS report to be released this afternoon."

"The Dolphin Traders"

WDCS is to release this controversial report detailing the fate of Soviet military dolphins and wild-caught dolphins from the Black Sea.

WDCS will be posting the report onto its web-site this afternoon at 3.00 p.m. The report highlights the trade of ex-military and wild dolphins from the Black Sea to institutions around the world. Its finding include:

Of the 43 dolphins tracked, 20 are now dead, but further information indicates that another 3 are also dead.


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