Tales from the 'Atlantic Frontier' V

Tuesday 14th July. 7.20 pm

We left the shelter of Castle Bay at 1pm, having decided to head out into the open ocean to assess the conditions there. The weather forecasts between now and Friday all speak about wind forces of four or five, borderline for our purposes, and these are probably set to worsen.

So, we decided to head for our start point and hope that conditions are better than predicted or, at least, that we can get part way along one of the survey lines before the weather shuts us down.

Canadian Inuit about to take Bowhead whale

The Associated Press today reported that two dozen Inuit in the Canadian Arctic plan to set sail this week on a mission to kill a bowhead whale. If the hunters succeed, as expected, they will be heroes in their Baffin Island hometown of Pangnirtung, where the last bowhead whale hunt occurred in the 1940s. The feat will be celebrated across a vast region that is proudly preparing for Inuit self-government next April as the new territory of Nunavut.

Into the Atlantic Frontier

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, working alongside Greenpeace, will be surveying Britain's last area of oceanic wilderness this summer - The Atlantic Frontier.

Twenty-two cetacean species have been recorded from these waters, including small numbers of the very rare Blue Whale, which were sighted in the summers of both 1996 and 1997. However, this is also where the UK Government has recently given the oil industry permission to drill for deep sea oil.

For more information please on this project click on the link below.

Big Blue Whale Project launched

Television personality Janie Omorogbe, a.k.a. 'Rio' of the popular family show Gladiators, took time out today from her busy training schedule to help launch a massive roadshow at the London Aquarium that will allow people to come face to face with a life-sized 100ft, inflatable blue whale! The roadshow is part of WDCS's new Big Blue Whale Project, which will be running for the next two years.

Others present included MPs Roger Gale, Matthew Taylor and Peter Bottomley together with wildlife expert and presenter, Chris Packham.

Campaigning Members Newsletter

The Campaigning Members Newsletter has just been sent out to all our campaigning members. This newsletter is sent out twice a year as well as the membership magazine 'Sonar'. When you become a Campaigning Member you become more involved in the progress of the campaigns department at WDCS and we ask you to write letters and help to build pressure on various issues.

US asked to press China on Driftnets

In the USA, Alaska's Governor, Mr. Tony Knowles, has asked President Clinton to talk to officials in Beijing about driftnet violations when he travels to China next week.

Mr Knowles cited recent incidents involving Chinese fishing vessels which were intercepted in international waters in the North Pacific using driftnets several miles long. The vessels were believed to be targeting salmon.

Denmark gives whaling competency to Faroe Islands

Recent negotiations between the Danish Government and the Faroese Home Rule Government appear to have resulted in Denmark giving full competency to all fisheries issues to the Faroese authorities themselves. This means that the Faroese are not automatically bound by any decision of the Danish Government in relation to fisheries. The Faroese are believed to consider that this control extends to their whaling activity.


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