Whale and Dolphin Captivity in Canada

Canada is home to captive orcas, bottlenose dolphins and belugas and WDCS has recently been adding its voice to the anti-captivity campaign there. No wild captures of marine mammals have taken place in Canada in recent years, however, of particular concern is that there are no holding standards or regulations for marine mammals. As a result there are dolphins being displayed in a shopping mall, "West Edmonton", 8 orcas crammed into Marineland of Canada, Niagara and an orca being kept on its own.

250 pilot whales dies after stranding on Stewart Island

29-Oct-98 01:36 pm

250 pilot whales have died after a mass stranding on Stewart Island, which is situated at the tip of New Zealands's South Island. N.Z.'s Department of Conservation consulted WDCS-funded Project Jonah, and other whale stranding experts, to help with the remaining live whales.

Scientists point to changes in the North Pacific

UPI records that scientists are saying something odd is going on in the North Pacific, but they're not sure what.

Among the significant changes reported at the annual meeting of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization in Fairbanks, Alaska, this week have been a band of algae in the Bering Sea and the spotting of whales in places were they haven't been seen in over a century.

Sweden warns of marine pollution

Sweden - October 27, 1998 SWEDISH MERCURY WARNING

The National Food Administration has warned consumers that relatively high levels of mercury are apparent in fish from Swedish lakes and inlets, and that they are highest in northern pike, pikeperch, perch, turbot and eel.

Peru allows US survey of dolphin populations


The Peruvian Ministry of Fisheries has authorised the US National Science Foundation to conduct a survey of dolphin populations in Peruvian waters. The aim is to collect more information about the species, such as data concerning population estimates in the south-western Pacific. In addition, other studies will be carried out to gather information about marine turtles, flying fish, marine birds and other species.

US releases data on threats to harbour porpoise


The [USA] National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has new information concerning the harbour porpoise population in the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy since the species was originally proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The information contains recent data on accidental bycatch, regulations implemented since 1993, and those proposed for implementation under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act.

US tuna embargo subject to study of stress in dolphins

Mexico - October 26, 1998 THREAT OF TUNA EMBARGO

The end of the US tuna embargo - planned for March 1999 - may be affected, depending on a study of the impact of tuna purse seiners on dolphin populations.

Subsistence Whaling: A blurring of the definition

WDCS has been increasingly concerned about the blurring of the definition between aboriginal subsistence whaling and commercial whaling. In another move to dissolve these boundaries and increase commercial aspects in all whaling the following is offered for consideration.

In an article, in the Victoria Times Colonist (Sept. 28, 1998), entitled 'Whalers Are the Real Guardians of Nature, Tom Mexsis Happynook, Chairman of the World Council of Whalers states:

WDCS whale-watch workshop in the Azores

A team from WDCS has just returned from the Azores where they have been running a whale-watch training workshop for local operators and potential operators. The growth of whale watching worldwide has been phenomenal in recent years and this has led to problems in regions, such as the Azores, where there are no regulations in place to manage and control this activity.


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