Beluga dies at Marineland Canada

On August 17th 2000, "Dee", a captive female beluga died at Marineland at Niagara Falls in Canada. This is the third whale to die at Marineland in less than a year: in December 1999 another female beluga died from liver failure. In March 2000, "Malik", a three-year-old orca, died at the facility.

From 1967 to 1992, the Government of Canada allowed the capture of 68 beluga whales from Hudson Bay for display in marine parks around the world. Thankfully, in 1992, a moratorium on beluga captures for export was established. An application made in 1998 by Marineland to capture six beluga whales from Canadian waters raised tremendous concern about Canada's marine mammal policies. The application was denied. In spite of this growing attitude against cetacean captivity in Canada, during 1999, 12 belugas (three males and nine females) were imported from Russia for display at Marineland.

In August 2000, an eleven-year-old child was bitten by a beluga she was petting at Marineland, reportedly requiring stitches on her hand.

This latest death adds to a growing catalogue of deaths at marine parks around the world this year and demonstrates how unsuitable cetaceans are for life in captivity.

"Vigga", a female orca died at Six Flags Marine World in California on August 14th. Vigga was around 23 years when she died and suffered a heart condition and lung infection;

Two bottlenose dolphins were stillborn at the Connyland dolphinarium in Switzerland during August;

"Maria", a female Atlantic bottlenose dolphin died at the West Edmonton Mall in Canada in August. She was 19;

A three-week-old bottlenose dolphin died, also at Six Flags Marine World in June;

"Harley", a male bottlenose dolphin died at the Oklahoma City Zoo in June. He was five years old. His death was caused by Streptococcus zooepidemicus bacteria ;

"Hvicha", a male Black Sea bottlenose dolphin died at Malta's dolphinarium "Mediterraneo" on April 11th. He died reportedly of Addisons disease;

A bottlenose dolphin calf died at Duisburg Zoo in Germany only 33 hours after its birth, also in April;

"Playboy", a male bottlenose dolphin died, also at Duisburg Zoo, on 29th March. He was 25 years old and died reportedly from Hepatitis;

"Ruka" a female orca died at the Japanese amusement park Nanki Shirahama Adventure World also on 29th March,

"Malik" a female orca died at Marineland of Niagara Falls, Canada on 4th March. She was three years old. Her death was attributed to damage to her immune system

"Belen" a female orca died at the Acuario Mundo Marino in Argentina on 4th February;

"Ona" a female one and a half year old bottlenose dolphin died at Barcelona Zoo on 29th January, she was one and half years old and suffered a heart attack.