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Kiska the ‘world’s loneliest whale’ dies at Canadian theme park

Narnia the orca dies at Russian dolphinarium

Narnia the orca performs in Russia © Oxana Fedorova Narnia, a wild orca taken from the sea and held at the Moskvarium facility in Moscow has died. In a statement issued by the dolphinarium, officials say she died unexpectedly, showing no prior signs of illness. Narnia was thought to be around 17 years old and…

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Large number of dolphins moved to Abu Dhabi marine park

Up to 24 captive bottlenose dolphins have reportedly been sent to a new SeaWorld theme park in Abu Dhabi. The marine park is due to open in 2023 and the dolphins, who were moved from a number of SeaWorld locations in the US, including San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando, now face further confinement in…

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Las Vegas dolphin facility to close

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat in Las Vegas is to permanently close. The facility is part of The Mirage complex and has been open for more than three decades but, following the property’s sale to Hard Rock International, the decision has been made to permanently close the garden and habitat. Whilst it…

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Third orca death in 18 months at theme park

Loro Parque tourist attraction in Tenerife, Spain has announced the death of Kohana, a 20-year-old orca transferred to the facility from SeaWorld in the US in 2006. Kohana is the third orca who has died at the facility within 18 months after Skyla (17 years old) died in March 2021, and Ula (three years old),…

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Beluga move plans postponed after service boat sinks

Plans to return beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey to their sea sanctuary in Iceland have now had to be postponed due to an unprecedented incident, which happened in the bay last week. The main support and diving contractor’s boat sank in Klettsvik Bay just hours before the whales were due to move, resulting…

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