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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Group of orcas at surface

Breaking barriers for whales and dolphins at the Convention of Migratory Species

Ethical questions raised over vet who also helped design and prosper from exploding harpoons

Vaquita. Photo Thomas Jefferson

Scientific Committee gives first ever official species extinction warning


WDC in Japan – Part 1: Finding allies in Tokyo

blue whale

Ancient whale may have been heavier than blue whale

Glenn Marshall from PCO with WDC at the Houses of Parliament.

We’re using cartoons to urge the UK government to end captivity forever

Humpback whale © Christopher Swann

Humpback whales breach in synchronisation

Porpoise dies after becoming entangled in fishing net

The UK government isn’t doing enough to combat the tragedy of dolphin deaths in fishing nets

Long-finned pilot whale

Unusual activity witnessed before pilot whale stranding