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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Ethical Superstore promo

Ethical Superstore celebrates World Oceans Day with special offers for WDC supporters

New orca calf reported in endangered Southern Resident J pod

Shopping for holiday bargains? Choose to support WDC with your eBay purchases this World Oceans Day

cigarette butt on beach no credit needed

How cigarette butts pollute the ocean and harm whales and dolphins

Little Grey and Little White

How you fly two beluga whales home to the ocean

Plastic pollution on a beach

Ban on plastic straws in UK announced

A jailed orca breaches in her tiny jail cell

Is a good outcome possible for the jailed whales in Russia?

Volunteers with binoculars

My amazing time as a WDC volunteer researcher on the Welsh island of Bardsey

A next-generation plastic that can be recycled again and again