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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

News & Blogs

Success! We campaigned to stop British Airways selling tickets to SeaWorld – and now they have!

First Bryde’s whale auction held after Japan resumes commercial hunts

Lisa Drewe on island of Mersea Lisa Drewe

Love Islands – my top five British islands for spotting whales and dolphins

Ecuador introduces welcome measures to prevent dolphin imports for captivity shows

An orca is fed in captivity

Virgin Holidays drop SeaWorld – thanks for doing the right thing


Microplastics found in brains of crabs is cause for alarm

Branson orca

Huge success for WDC campaign as Virgin Holidays ends SeaWorld trips

WDC’s partners make a splash by raising over £30k on World Oceans Day

WDC leads call for EU Commission to take legal action against 15 governments over dolphin deaths