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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

News & Blogs

Image of Little White and Little Grey from Olympus exhibition

Beluga whales prepare for June release into the world’s first open water sanctuary

New Zealand dolphins underwater

Coronavirus and New Zealand dolphins: many questions, few answers

Nuremberg Zoo

Captive dolphin at Nuremberg Zoo dies

Minke whale

Success! Icelandic minke whale hunts end after years of WDC campaigning

Whaling: an inconvenient truth – the hunters are not only killing whales, they are killing us too.

Fin whaling plant in Iceland

Positive whaling news emerges from Iceland

Newer sonar technology still a threat to whales

How we’re helping to keep orcas safe from capture in Russia

Mischief catching fish. Photo by Charlie Phillips

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