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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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The Snail and the Whale

WDC partners with Macmillan Children’s Books on the 20th Anniversary of The Snail and the Whale!

We are delighted to announce that Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Macmillan Children's Books are partnering together to mark the 20th anniversary of the award-winning...
Dolphin watchers at Chanonry Point in the Moray Firth

Life changing connections with dolphins and whales in the UK

In the UK, we're fortunate to have whales and dolphins all around our coast. If you've been lucky enough to catch a glimpse, you'll know...
Hope the inflatable whale

Glasgow secondary school hosts life-size inflatable whale with help from Deloitte and WDC

Pupils at Govan High School played host to a life-size inflatable humpback whale on Tuesday thanks to Deloitte's climate charity partnership with Whale and Dolphin...
A plastic bottle can travel thousands of miles

280 million more branded water bottles could be sold by 2026

A plastic bottle can travel thousands of miles A new study conducted by Retail Economics has revealed that the single-use plastic bottled water industry is...
A Baby Humpback Whale Plays Near the Surface in Blue Water

New report by Deloitte and WDC does a deep dive into the opportunities for businesses in embracing oceanic biodiversity

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) and Deloitte have released a new report that shines a light on the risks and opportunities for four key sectors...
Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales

Minke whale dies before cruel hearing experiments begin

Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales A cruel and pointless experiment to test the hearing of live minke whales in Norway has claimed...
Sperm whales

We’re pushing governments for action for our climate heroes – whales

The climate crisis is the greatest threat to all life on Earth. But there is hope - whales are essential in combating climate change and...
WDC joins local protesters on anti whaling march in Iceland

Pressure mounts in Iceland as latest survey shows majority of local people want whale hunting to end

WDC joins local protesters on anti whaling march in Iceland For the first time, those opposed to whaling in Iceland are in the majority according...
Dolphins captured for captivity in Taiji. Image: Hans Peter Roth

Loved and killed – whales and dolphins in Japan

Protests and criticism from outside Japan in response to the slaughter of whales and dolphins have not only failed to stop the killing, but also...