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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

News & Blogs

LG and LW in bay week 1 the SLT Beluga Whale Sanctuary

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Risso's dolphin

WDC wins campaign for protected areas in Scottish waters!

Thousands of dolphin deaths likely in Spain and France as EU fails to act

(c) Caroline Weir/Ketos Ecology

Super streamers help WDC ‘Save a Species’

People, including small children rushing into sea to interact with solitary "friendly" dolphin Dave. Folkestone. Kent, UK

Why do some dolphins choose human company and what should we learn?

Ancient whale skeleton found on land

Don’t call me Moby

Charlie Phillips

Become a pro-photographer with Luminar 4

A dolphin trapped in a fishing net

We need less talk more action from UK governments on tackling dolphin and whale deaths in fishing gear