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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Captive dolphins perform for cruise passengers at the Costa Maya Resort, Mexico

Tourist hotspots to roadside zoos – investigating the many faces of dolphin captivity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Captive dolphins in the Netherlands to move to China

captive dolphin

Brussels bans whale and dolphin captivity

Grey whale eye

Animal culture crucial for conservation says new research paper

Watching dolphins from the beach in Scotland: WDC/Charlie Phillips

Lockdown is lifting and the beach is calling – if you see a whale or dolphin how will you behave?

EU scientific body confirms stronger measures are needed to protect dolphins and porpoises from death in nets

A magical sperm whale encounter

Can space technology tell us how many whales there are?

Risso's dolphins are captured in Taiji hunt. Image: LIA and Dolphin Project

Heartbreak and practical action – the horror of the Taiji dolphin hunts and one Japanese activist’s determination

minke whale breaching

Norway urged to abandon plans to experiment on captured whales