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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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A minke whale is hauled aboard by hunters

Over 100 whales killed in opening days of Norway hunt season

The young whale is attended by BDMLR medics and ZSL vets © Julia Cable/BDMLR

A sad end for the young Thames minke whale – what do we know?

Image by Cyan Planet

UPDATE – A (virtual) dolphin experience like no other

South Korea to get tougher on sale of whale meat

Humpback whale in Iceland

First electric whale watch takes place in Iceland

Antarctic minke whale

Japanese whalers plan to build new factory ship

Image: Peter Rowlands/Greenpeace

Supertrawlers or static nets – what is killing all the dolphins? Why we need to see the whole picture

Photo by Shari Manning

Curve Digital and Humble Bundle make a ‘supply drop’ in the form of a new camera for OrcaLab

Why Norwegian minke whaling is cruel, shameful and pointless