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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Common bottlenose dolphin

New claims over use of dolphins for military purposes

A humpback whale wrapped in creel rope. Image: East Lothian Countryside Rangers

Protecting whales in Scotland – how we’re working with Scottish fishers to save lives

Atlantic white-sided dolphin

EU countries condemn hunt of Atlantic white-sided dolphins in Faroe Islands

Dangerous behaviour - snorkellers and orcas.

No way is this responsible whale watching Norway

Annabel Moore writing and illustrating Whales' Warning

Celebrating all our amazing supporters and one incredible ten-year-old called Annabel

The unicorn of the sea - the narwhal

The results are in … and it’s a £50,000 win for WDC!

Young humpback whale entangled in creel rope off Scotland

Report highlights whale and dolphin entanglement in creel fishing gear

Risso's dolphin

WDC researchers spot dolphin doing headstands

A magnificent sei whale © Christopher Swann

Grace the sei whale is dead – it’s time to stop killing whales