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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Fin whales in the Gulf of California © Christopher Swann

A critical moment for the whales of Iceland

Norway For Whales

We’re inspiring a wave of change in Norway to end the world’s largest whale hunt

Emma Steel watching from land in snowy

Beyond the frost: Shorewatch volunteers rise to our three-year winter watching challenge

Icelandic hunting vessels in port

Permit delays could stop whale hunts in Iceland this summer

Blue whale tail Christopher Swann

Māori king declares rights for whales in New Zealand

El Salvador whale watching workshop

Empowering communities through responsible whale watching

Orca-Morgan-LoroParque-2013_c_UCLudewig (1)

Jet2holidays stops promoting dolphin shows

Busy Japanese city

WDC in Japan – Part 6: Lessons learnt

Dolphin in captivity

Tests reveal captive dolphin choked to death on fake seaweed