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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Fin whale

Short and cruel hunt season ends in Iceland

Pilot whale

How we need to support Faroese communities to end the whale and dolphin hunts

Bottlenose dolphins breaching

Landmark report reveals UK wildlife’s devastating decline

Dolphins with oil rig

Go ahead for new UK oil and gas exploration threatens whales and dolphins

Harbour porpoise. Image: Charlie Phillips/WDC

Speaking up for the little guys – WDC in action

Icelandic hunting vessels in port

Whaling boat kept in port after more hunt cruelty exposed

Commerson's dolphin

New Important Marine Mammal Areas added to global ocean conservation list

Humpback whale fluke in Alaska.

An unforgettable first encounter – observing the whales we work to protect

Image showing two harpoon wounds in fin whale

Whalers kill just days after Iceland’s hunt suspension is lifted