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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

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Arrests made following illegal whale meat smuggling from Japan to South Korea

New report on Icelandic hunts reveals whale can take two hours to die

Dolphin watching from Chanonry Point, Scotland. Image: WDC/Charlie Phillips

Discovering inner peace – whale and dolphin watching and mental wellbeing

A minke whale is hauled aboard by hunters

Norway ups whale kill numbers and removes whale welfare protections

Criminal complaint filed following Yahoo! Japan poisonous dolphin meat sales

Whale tail

An ocean of hope

Dolphin with jet ski

Holiday makers must be alert to potential legal action over dolphin disturbance

The infamous killing cove at Taiji, Japan

Why the Taiji dolphin hunt can never be justified

Image: Peter Linforth

Tracking whales from space will help us save them