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Short-finned pilot whale © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

News & Blogs

Humpback whale © Christopher Swann

Humpback whales breach in synchronisation

Porpoise dies after becoming entangled in fishing net

The UK government isn’t doing enough to combat the tragedy of dolphin deaths in fishing nets

Long-finned pilot whale

Unusual activity witnessed before pilot whale stranding

Two orcas in captivity

Orca calf dies in China

Large number of pilot whales die on Scottish shore

Corky at Sea World

One step closer for UK law that could help end global whale and dolphin captivity

Cruise ship docked in blood filled waters (Credit: Jackson McMuldren/CPWF)

Brutal hunt leaves cruise line passengers distressed

Bare Kind whale themed socks

Bare Kind’s bamboo socks are helping save whales

WDC cartoonist campaign reminds MPs why captivity isn’t funny