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SeaWorld CEO parts company with captivity giant

Troubled marine park operator, SeaWorld has parted company with yet another CEO. Sergio Rivera, was...
Gray whale

Marine protection work impacted by coronavirus

A large number of environmental monitoring projects have been placed on hold due to the...
Bottlenose dolphins breaching

Dolphins sync when they work together

A new study has shown male bottlenose dolphins synchronise (sync not sink) their physical and verbal...
Minke whale

No self-isolation for Norwegian whale hunters

Whilst the world adapts to self-isolation and the global issues around dealing with a pandemic,...

Russia to give orcas greater protection

According to reports, Viktoria Abramchenko, the Deputy Prime Minister in Russia responsible for environmental affairs,...
Dolphin in captivity

Good news from Greece on the captivity front

The authorities in Attica, the Greek region that encompasses the city of Athens, have taken...