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Caroline Weir, Ketos Ecology

The Yogscast help WDC ‘save a species’

Tim Collins, Wildlife Conservation Society An amazing £200k was raised through Yogscast's Jingle Jam, an...

Trapped minke whale slaughtered in Japanese cove

The whale's carcass was then taken to shore to be butchered for sale in local...
Bryde's whale © Jirayu Tour Ekkul

Japanese 2021 whale hunt numbers announced

The number of whales it has set for slaughter will total 383, which is broken...
Sperm whale © Tim Stenton

Ten sperm whales strand in Yorkshire

Despite the best efforts of a team from British Divers Marine Life Rescue and local...
Blue whale © Andrew Sutton

New blue whale population discovered

Blue whale vocalisations are very low and can reach other whales through the water up...
Baby the captive river dolphin

The last river dolphin

Baby (also known as Orinoco or Butu) was 47 when he died at the zoo...