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The unicorn of the sea - the narwhal

Uk considers extending ivory ban to orcas, narwhals and sperm whales

While ivory from elephants was the initial focus of the Act, which would ban any...
Rescuing a stranded orca calf

Rescuers search for orca family after saving stranded calf

According to New Zealand rescue organisation Whale Rescue, the orca was found alone at Porirua,...
Whale poo

Will whale poo help save whales?

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was founded to regulate whale hunting. But the release today...
Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales

Cruel whale experiments halted

The widely criticised hearing experiments due to take place on minke whales in the Vestvågøy...
A whale on a Norwegian whaling boat © Michael Tenten MWP

Norwegian whale slaughter ramps up

Norway's whale hunters continue to kill large numbers of minke since the hunt season began...
WDC x OneNine5 Eco Essentials Pouch

OneNine5 launches a super sustainable eco-travel pouch

This co-branded, multipurpose pouch is perfect to organise and store anything you carry on the...