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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Day Five of IWC 2016

Agenda Item 19 Finance and Administration The meeting opens slightly late due to technical difficulties. Bruno: regarding yesterday’s Agenda, I forgot to confirm that all delegates are happy for the Commission to endorse cooperation with other organisations? (General assent).  Also apologizes to IGO/NGOs that he was ‘a little too fast’ in closing yesterday.  The Chair…

Dolphins On The Move…

I though that you might like to see a short vide clip of some dolphins, including WDC Adoption dolphins Mischief and Moonlight taken recently in the Moray Firth, very calm water for October so this was a real bonus.

Day Four of IWC 2016

As we mentioned yesterday, this is not a complete transcript but is intended to give a brief overview on the day’s discussions. This is especially true today, when there was a break in the transmission from the meeting due to technical problems, so there may be gaps, for which we are sorry. For the really…


Day Three (afternoon) of IWC 2016

Agenda Item 10 Cetacean Habitat 10.1 State of Cetacean Environment (SOCER) The Chair of the IWC Scientific Committee, Caterina, highlights elements of the Franciscana Action Plan. The Committee recommends that the stabilisation of the Brazilian dam is urgent and highlighted the critical need to adopt knowledge from disasters, such as deep–water accidents and to share…


Why whale poo matters (and why whales are important for a healthy planet)

At the meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Slovenia, delegates are considering a highly unusual proposal. They will be asked to consider whales – not as food – but as essential contributors to a healthy marine eco-system. The IWC meets every two years. It is where the battle is played out between a…


Day Three (Morning) of IWC 2016

This is not a full script, as whilst some comments are verbatim, others are paraphrased, but we endeavour to capture the essence of what was said. The morning shift So back to it, and the Chairman is asking for progress from drafting groups. Japan opened the meeting rather aggressively in the view of this observer,…