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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Why minke whale meat is far from traditional in Iceland

I was really sorry to see minke whale meat included in a recent list in the Icelandic press of ‘top delicacies that are favourites amongst locals’.  The author starts by exorting readers to “forget about the fermented shark used to shock tourists” but after listing lamb, local bread and freshly-caught fish, ends with a dish…


What do you wish for whales and dolphins in 2017?

Well 2016, you’ve been eventful. Now, let’s face the new year with hope. Bring it on 2017 and we’ll each play our part in making good and positive things happen. So, what do we want from 2017? What do you wish for whales and dolphins in the year ahead? I’ve been asking my colleagues at WDC…


#MigrationNation – Now is the Time

For nearly two decades, national and regional conservation groups have gone to court to challenge plans from federal agencies regarding dam operations in the Columbia Basin.  Five federal plans have been declared illegal by three different judges, because they failed to protect threatened and endangered Snake River salmon. This time is different.  Why? On our…


Men in suits – The Life of Riley, A WDC Shorewatch dog

Like most of the Moray Firth in Scotland, the WDC Shorewatch site at Nairn is stunning. We were enjoying the views over the sandy beach and across 5 miles of sea to the entrance of the Cromarty Firth, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world famous Moray Firth dolphins, or maybe a whale, when…


An Ideal Christmas Present

Seasons Greetings from a chilly North Kessock in Scotland – although I personally have a nice warm glow inside as I was watching WDC Adopt a Dolphin star “Kesslet” this morning with her little baby, only four months old and having great fun with big brother “Charlie” – the three dolphins were in the Kessock…


#MigrationNation – No Fish, No Blackfish

Research has shown that the survival of the Southern Resident orcas is closely linked to salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the US.  We have established, earlier in this campaign and in previous efforts, that these orcas are incredibly dependent on salmon, especially Chinook – up to 80% of their diet.  But…