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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Narwhal surfacing

The unicorns of the sea must be protected – CITES

The narwhal, is under threat. Often referred to as the unicorns of the sea, narwhals, are hunted for their meat, blubber and ivory tusks which are sold around the world. Populations are declining and they risk extinction in Greenland. To ensure their future, WDC is attending a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in…

Humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae) Humpback whale. Tonga.

Our tribute to Dr Roger Payne

We celebrate Dr Roger Payne – the man who heard whales sing and shared their songs with the world to save them. The whale biologist and lifelong whale advocate has died at the age of 88. Only five days before his death, Roger published an essay in Time magazine, reflecting on his life’s work. He wrote: ‘As my…

Dolphin watchers at Chanonry Point in the Moray Firth

Life changing connections with dolphins and whales in the UK

In the UK, we’re fortunate to have whales and dolphins all around our coast. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse, you’ll know it’s a magical, exhilarating experience and for some people, like today’s guest blogger, Steve Truluck, it can be life-changing. Steve ignited a passion for whales and dolphins when he joined…

Sperm whales

We’re pushing governments for action for our climate heroes – whales

The climate crisis is the greatest threat to all life on Earth. But there is hope – whales are essential in combating climate change and the more whales there are, the more carbon is taken out of the atmosphere. WDC’s Ed Goodall will be at the Bonn Climate Conference to urge international governments to take…

Dolphins captured for captivity in Taiji. Image: Hans Peter Roth

Loved and killed – whales and dolphins in Japan

Protests and criticism from outside Japan in response to the slaughter of whales and dolphins have not only failed to stop the killing, but also raised resistance within Japan to ending the slaughter. So at Whale and Dolphin Conservation we’re taking a different approach. WDC campaigner Katrin Matthes is on the ground in Japan working…

Irrawaddy dolphin

Helping fishers protect dolphins in Sarawak, Borneo

Fishing nets are bad news for dolphins and porpoises, so we’re working with local fishers in Hong Kong and Sarawak, Borneo to save lives and make sure they can coexist. The rivers of Sarawak, a state on the northwest tip of the southeast Asian island of Borneo, are home to Irrawaddy dolphins, Indo-Pacific finless porpoises…