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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Unexpected Guests: Pilot Whales in the Moray Firth

From WDC information officer, Sam Flood. Long-finned Pilot Whales are curious cetaceans. They are known for their peculiar, bulbous heads and, as the name suggests, elongated fins. Living in close-knit groups, they can often be seen clustered together – almost on top of each other, jostling for position and yet appearing to huddle for comfort…


Having a fun lunchtime…

WDC Adopt a Dolphin star Kesslet has been doing a lot of hunting around the Kessock Channel and Inverness Harbour area recently and yesterday, along with her son Charlie, she was getting some nice salmon, and was enjoying herself so much that she went backwards with a fish in her mouth, as you can see…


Future's made of….

(….Virtual Reality) Virtual Reality (VR) may well be the future of how we experience many parts of our lives, even changing how we interact with other people and how our entire society functions.  The possibilities are almost endless.  Users enter an immersive environment that they can explore, interact with, and listen to.  It can allow…


Tourists can save whales by losing their appetite for whale meat

I often wonder why so many tourists remember to pack their toothbrushes but leave their values behind on the kitchen table? I’m just back from a trip to Tromsø  in northern Norway, where I was reminded, once again, of that strange phenomenon: the tourist who sports a ‘Save the whale’ teeshirt down the local pub,…


Will Trump and Trudeau oversee the extinction of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales?

UPDATE: The tragedy continues into 2018.  An 18th DEAD RIGHT WHALE WAS REPORTED ON JANUARY 25TH, 2018 IN VIRGINIA. A 17th dead right whale was discovered on Nantucket Island on November 28, 2017 more than a month after the carcass of a 16th right whale was reported  on Cape Cod, MA on October 23, 2017…


WDC Outreach Visits in Welsh Schools

This is a guest blog by WDC long-term volunteer, Pam Styles.  Pam has been helping us run our education pilot project in South Wales.  She has visited a number of schools already and has been impressed by the enthusiasm the children have shown for learning about whales and dolphins and environmental issues. In my role…