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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Is MSC certified fish dolphin-friendly?

Whether or not you eat fish, you will probably have seen the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo on some fish products at your local supermarket. We are encouraged to trust this mark as evidence that the fish is sustainably caught. But what about whether any dolphins, porpoises or whales have been harmed or killed to…

Aerial view of beluga sanctuary

How we are working with communities to build a whale sanctuary

The beluga whale sanctuary is all about belugas, right? Yes of course it is, but wherever we work to protect whales and dolphins, human beings are involved too. It’s no different in Vestmannaeyjar, where we have partnered with the SEA LIFE Trust to build the world’s first beluga sanctuary on the island of Heimaey (Home Island), seven kilometres off the south coast of the Icelandic…

Cargolux aircraft to carry beluga whales

How do you fly two beluga whales half way around the world?

As you may well be aware, we are working with the SEA LIFE Trust to create the world’s first sanctuary for captive whales, and later this year, two beluga whales, currently held in an aquarium in Shanghai, China, will be flown to their new, more natural sanctuary home in a bay in Iceland. Last week…


What will life hold for the new Southern Resident orca baby?

It’s been non-stop excitement since news broke of a brand new baby in the endangered Southern Resident orca community, who live off the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. We’ve loved looking at the first pictures and videos, including this incredibly sweet image of the baby (given the ID number L124) swimming with Ocean Sun (L25),…


Orcas and belugas held in appalling ‘whale jail’

You may have read the stories about the so-called ‘whale jail’ in Russia. If you have, you’ll have seen the sickening images of belugas and orcas crammed into tiny pens, having been taken from their families to supply the growing captivity industry in China and other countries. In December, we welcomed news that Russian authorities…


Collision With A Gray Whale Eliminates Yacht From Sailing Race

My work day today started with an email directing me to an article about a sailboat colliding with a whale in the San Francisco Bay. Ironic, given that tomorrow I am boarding a plane en route to a sailing symposium to talk about just that – safe boating for sailors and whales. Together with our…