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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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A fin whale is hauled up the slipway while Kristjan Loftsson (in beige trousers and blue jumper) and cronies watch

Is Iceland’s old boys’ network responsible for killing whales?

There’s much anger in Iceland following the recent decision to renew whaling quotas – a decision which could see more than two thousand fin and minke whales killed over the next five years. Let me say right now that this was a decision that should never, ever, have been taken. Harpooning whales is cruel and…

A group of New Zealand dolphins leaping

What’s up with all these New Zealand dolphin deaths?

Gemma McGrath is WDC’s campaigner in New Zealand and in this blog she explores the lessons we need to take from the recent spate of Hector’s and Māui dolphin deaths in fishing nets and why the government’s response is utterly lacking. With all the recent Hector’s dolphin deaths in trawl nets, an alarming seven this…

Chilling new research shows why dolphins should not be hunted

Whales and dolphins are ‘sentient’ – this means that they are conscious beings, capable of feeling pain and suffering physically and psychologically. This adds a whole new level to our thinking about the welfare and conservation issues associated with the hunting and killing of these mammals. What long-term emotional impact might there be for a…

How many New Zealand dolphins should there be and how high should we be setting our conservation goals?

Māui and Hector’s dolphins (collectively known as New Zealand dolphins) are hurtling towards extinction because fishing nets are killing them at an unsustainable rate. WDC is campaigning to save them and I’ve been wondering – if we are successful, how many dolphins should there be? How high should we be setting our sights for their recovery?…

We take whales and dolphins to Scottish Parliament

Me with the with WDC stand at parliament I’m the education officer at WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre and I’ve just spent a week in Scottish Parliament Holyrood in Edinburgh, with my colleague, WDC Policy Officer, Katie Dyke, chatting with Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to showcase WDC’s work in Scotland and inspire them to help…

Is MSC certified fish dolphin-friendly?

Whether or not you eat fish, you will probably have seen the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo on some fish products at your local supermarket. We are encouraged to trust this mark as evidence that the fish is sustainably caught. But what about whether any dolphins, porpoises or whales have been harmed or killed to…