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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Rebecca Walker is a senior marine mammal specialist for Natural England

Marine tourism and keeping dolphins safe

We use the waters around the UK commercially and for fun. But all this human activity can cause harm to whales and dolphins. Whales, dolphins and porpoises need to feed, rest, socialise and reproduce to stay healthy and to keep their populations strong.  If you get too close to these activities, you might unwittingly cause…

Minke whale

Will Japan’s new emperor bring new hope for whales?

This week, Japan’s Emperor Akihito offered his formal abdication to the Japanese people and delivered his last public address as emperor. He is the first Japanese monarch to stand down in more than 200 years and came to the decision to abdicate after concluding that he was unable to serve the people of Japan in…

Paradise lost? Extraordinary encounters with sperm whales

A magical sperm whale encounter One morning back in 2015,  in an ocean devoid of other vessels for at least a mile in every direction, I had an astounding encounter with a veritable armada of sperm whales. I was off the coast of northwest Sri Lanka with colleagues including WDC ambassador and professional underwater photographer,…

A humpback mother and calf

Whale watching not whale hunting

At WDC, we believe in offering positive alternatives. We don’t just say that captivity is wrong, we work to create sanctuaries. We fight to stop whaling and dolphin hunts, but we also support the whale watch industry all over the world. Whales are awesome – they inspire intense emotions in humans when we encounter them…

This is the cove in Taiji, Japan. Dolphins are herded into the area that is section off with tarpaulin

Dolphins endure extreme suffering when captured from the wild

It’s not just the dolphins who are killed or captured in Japan’s cruel hunts that suffer. It’s likely that dolphins who witness the hunts but escape, endure extreme physical and psychological suffering. All this is revealed in a new review, co-authored by WDC’s Philippa Brakes and published in the scientific Journal of Applied Animal Welfare…

This is Helen, now the sole dolphin held at Vancouver Aquarium

A WDC supporter’s impression of Vancouver Aquarium

David Yeadon is a WDC supporter who visited Vancouver Aquarium two years ago, when he was 16. What he saw shocked and upset him so much that he asked us if he could tell his story. The views and opinions expressed by our guest bloggers are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent…