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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Our lockdown home heroes

Like most charities, our fundraising events have been cancelled and, whilst we hope they’ll go ahead at a later date, the loss of income is considerable – we’re reliant on our supporters to help us continue to protect whales and dolphins wherever they need us. So you may well have heard about the 2.6 Challenge.…

New Zealand dolphins underwater

Coronavirus and New Zealand dolphins: many questions, few answers

Like people over the world, New Zealanders have recently been faced with a lot of time at home. Fortunately, humans are remarkably resourceful and we have come up with a variety of ways to amuse, distract and entertain ourselves during these difficult times. As well as being strange and difficult, these are also very sad…

Whaling: an inconvenient truth – the hunters are not only killing whales, they are killing us too.

As we hope for an end to the coronavirus crisis, we should reflect on another existential threat – the climate change – a threat which is advancing even as we isolate ourselves at home to protect one another. One has to hope that the selfish approach of some governments to the pandemic will come to…

How we’re helping to keep orcas safe from capture in Russia

In 1999, we helped open up whale research in Russia, building a photo-ID catalogue of orcas as well as a Russian team to study them. We called this the Far East Russia Orca Project, or FEROP, and it’s still going strong today. FEROP has trained a generation of young students in photo-ID, acoustic recording and…

Humpback breaching

Outrage as Norway’s government says its whalers are ‘essential workers’

If you are able to help with a donation it would mean the world right now: Yes, I’ll donate I’m writing from my desk in the corner of my dining room, where I’m hot desking most days with my 12 year-old son. His school has been closed for several weeks and I’m juggling home schooling…

Life in lockdown – is this what captivity for whales and dolphins is like?

I’m stuck at home with my immediate family, trying to get used to a new routine of work shifts and home schooling, limited exercise and the constant threat of boredom. I worry about the lack of supermarket delivery slots for vulnerable people, how long this is all going to go on and about wider family…