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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Time For a Snack…

Hi Everyone, The sudden torrential rain that we have had over the last wee while has made photographing any dolphins that have been around a bit of a challenge. I got soaked at Chanonry yesterday but was delighted to find big “Scoopy” ID #748 pottering around in the distance on his own at North Kessock…


European Cetacean Society Conservation Award 2012

At the 2012 annual meeting of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) in Galway, Ireland in March, the annual Conservation Award – which is part-sponsored by WDCS – was given to Dr Peter Evans. Mark Simmonds, the WDCS International Director of Science, helped to celebrate this event with a speech which is reproduced below virtually verbatim…

Easter Greetings…

Photo © Charlie Phillips Images

Tail Tales…

Hi Everyone, It’s been a bit raw and snowy up here recently, not brilliant for getting out and about. One question that I get asked quite often is do we recognise our dolphins by their tails the same as some whales, such as Humpbacks are? ©WDCS/Charlie Phillips As you can see in the above photo…

Hello Sundance, Hello Rainbow, Hello Mischief !

Hi Everyone, I was nearly giving up on dolphins coming to the Point yesterday, they left it a bit late in the tide but I’m not complaining really as I ended up with Sundance nearly up on the beach beside me, Mischief around the same and Rainbow a little bit further out but stil very…


It's Time to Get Honest About Captivity

It is no secret that many of us want to be close to whales and dolphins. The honest truth is that most of us want to be close, sometimes at any cost. Until we know the truth, we might even feel entitled to it. We have a natural affinity for these animals that extends back…