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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Hanging Out With Your Mates…

Hi Everyone, What started off as a disappointing morning at Chanonry (I missed a group) actually turned out brilliant as we ended up with yet another big group of dolphins in the Kessock Channel. Sundance, Moonlight and Lunar, Mischief, Jigsaw, Rainbow and baby, Kesslet and Charlie plus another ten dolphins at least were all over…

(c)WDCS/Nicola Hodgins

Famine or Feast!

Well, poke me in the eye with a blunt stick if we’ve not just had one of the best first weeks of a fieldwork season out here in the Atlantic Frontier – and given that the weather has now turned and the wind and rain are battering the islands we’re even more grateful for our…


WDCS locates entangled humpback

On Friday, August 24th, most of the WDCS-NA office headed out on the vessel Easterly to document small vessel traffic in the vicinity of whales as part of our propeller scar project.  As always, we document, and when possible, retrieve any marine debris we locate.  Early in the trip, at approximately 11:15AM, we stopped to retrieve…

Behave Yourself Lunar !

Hi Everyone, I’ve had a really nice couple of days round at Chanonry despite the odd rain shower with good company and pretty good dolphins sightings too. In the photo below you can see Moonlights young son, Lunar being a bit cheeky and trying to grab the same small fish as his Mum…kids eh –…


Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades is a saying that dates back to the 16th Century.  It defines someone that is skilled in many different areas and most certainly applicable to the crew of the WDCS NA office.  The work of the past month is a testament to the multi-level talents exhibited by all in our office…

(c) WDCS / Nicola Hodgins

Sea Shiant-y

We (WDCS researchers Nicola and Sarah along with our able Canine Research Assistants, Kila and Harvey) have returned to the magical Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland for 8 weeks of field work in search of Risso’s dolphins and other marine megafauna – and we have received a warm and watery welcome!…