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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Robotic dolphins – an alternative for the captive dolphin industry?

A deceptively realistic robotic dolphin, made headlines recently, causing people to ask whether robots like this could provide an alternative to the cruelty of keeping dolphins in tanks for human entertainment? It’s an interesting question so let’s explore… The realistic looking robot dolphin © Edge Innovations Your donation will help us end dolphin captivity by…

Save the whales, save the world – convincing governments that whales will help us fight the climate crisis

Help save the world by saving the whales with a donation Yes. I’ll donate Whales store harmful carbon Like trees, these magnificent giants remove harmful carbon from our atmosphere and store it in their bodies and they do this simply by eating their favourite food – tiny plant-like creatures called phytoplankton. These little marvels absorb…


What am I grateful for in 2020? Whales, dolphins, and you

Like many other people, my 2020 has included many phases –  from the incredibly optimistic phase, the nervous to leave my house phase, the haven’t-worn-trousers-without-an-elasticated-waist phase, the figuring out video meetings phase to the thinking my dogs are the only ones who understand me phase. One of the phases that I went through involved obsessively…

Belugas take little steps to new life in sanctuary home

The whales made good progress in their care pools in the bay and in September were released to explore the wider sanctuary. Their first swims out were part of a carefully managed programme to introduce them into their much larger ocean home and they adapted well to their new surroundings. If you are able to…

A beautiful Commerson's dolphin

Amazing, beautiful Commerson’s dolphins and what we’re doing to protect them

WDC has supported Commerson’s dolphin conservation efforts in Patagonia, South America for 25 years. Gathering knowledge about such a remote and little-understood species on a shoestring budget is a painfully slow process. Year-on-year our project has built a picture of the lives these dolphins lead based on brief insights and seasonal observations. Everything we have…

People, including small children rushing into sea to interact with solitary "friendly" dolphin Dave. Folkestone. Kent, UK

Why do some dolphins choose human company and what should we learn?

‘Fungie has gone missing’, ‘Danny the dolphin believed dead’ – both October headlines announcing the departure of much-loved ‘solitary dolphins’. With these two well-known characters gone, I thought I’d take the opportunity to celebrate their lives and explore the phenomenon of the ‘solitary dolphin’. Why do some dolphins seem to choose to live without dolphin…