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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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India announces dolphinarium ban

In a highly progressive move for dolphin protection, India’s Central Zoo Authority has issued a circular announcing the decision of India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests not to allow the establishment of dolphinaria in the country and advising state governments across India to reject any such proposals. To demonstrate just how progressive this decision is,…

New York Times stands up for whales

Its good to see the press are still ready to question commercial whaling. Part of the strategy of Icelandic whalers has been to target tourists, but it seems that the Editorial Board of the New York Times are ready to stand up for whales both in Iceland and closer to home in the USA, Hawaii.…

Intern's first trip on the water

In this blog a WDC Intern, Kate McPherson, chronicles her first trip out to study the whales off Cape Cod … When I decided to begin my summer field internship with the WDC in late April, I forgot that what is cold in Maine in April is also cold in Massachusetts: namely, the ocean. Rule…

Where have all the whalers gone?

Despite the best efforts of their Government and some artificial subsidies, it seems that Norway is running out of whalers. In Iceland whaling is being kept alive by the greed of one family, but in Norway, “Norwegian kids, even those who grow up in the seafaring stronghold of Lofoten, simply don’t want to become whalers…

Through Act Right Now, we become "proud parents" or "cheerleaders"

In this blog, Ashley Schaffert, a Boston artist and proud new supporter of WDC shares her experiences with us.    When I first saw the Act Right Now Campaign Kit from WDC, I knew I had to have it!     The North Atlantic right whale holds a special place in my heart. Knowing how…

Miss V Blogs for WDC

Blog #1 Hi, my name is V and I am 9 years old. I am going to be writing about getting to know WDC and raising money for them! I was always interested in nature. I loved all animals. When I was in Florida my Mom, Dad, sister, and I went to go see manatees…