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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Image: Peter Rowlands/Greenpeace

Supertrawlers or static nets – what is killing all the dolphins? Why we need to see the whole picture

You’ve probably come across ‘supertrawlers’ in the news or in the film Seaspiracy which has made these industrial ocean behemoths a hot topic on social media. Supertrawlers are the largest fishing vessels at more than 80 metres in length. They can be more nomadic than smaller vessels, often fishing for several weeks at a time…

Why Norwegian minke whaling is cruel, shameful and pointless

If you’re a fan of the quiz show, Pointless, you’ll be familiar with its format – 100 members of the public are asked to answer general knowledge questions. Contestants then try to guess the least popular responses and aim to get a ‘pointless’ answer – one which none of those surveyed has given. I’m willing…

Captive dolphins perform for cruise passengers at the Costa Maya Resort, Mexico

Tourist hotspots to roadside zoos – investigating the many faces of dolphin captivity in Latin America and the Caribbean

It’s the paradise dream – a bright blue sea against a backdrop of palm trees, four or five dolphins jumping in unison out of the water. With scenes like this, maybe it’s no wonder the Caribbean and wider Latin American region has one of the greatest concentrations of dolphin captivity in the world and, in…

Watching dolphins from the beach in Scotland: WDC/Charlie Phillips

Lockdown is lifting and the beach is calling – if you see a whale or dolphin how will you behave?

We have all become more aware of giving one another space and respecting social distancing. As we come out of lockdown, we may find we are not used to interacting with others in the way we used to. Some of us have even found comfort in no longer needing to take part in that awkward…

Risso's dolphins are captured in Taiji hunt. Image: LIA and Dolphin Project

Heartbreak and practical action – the horror of the Taiji dolphin hunts and one Japanese activist’s determination

Back in November, I shared my heartache at the drama unfolding in the waters off Taiji, Japan, where around 25 fishers were undertaking their annual slaughter and capture of small whales and dolphins. Thankfully, this hunt season has now ended but not without the loss of 687 souls – 547 destined for the dinner plate…

Common Dolphin

Goodbye Bycatch – what have we achieved and what’s next?

Thank you to everyone who’s got involved with our campaign to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear in UK seas to put fish and shellfish on our plates. We’ve loved seeing all your support on social media and appreciated every single person who took action by emailing the fisheries minister or contacting…