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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Wintery scene in Iceland

Seeking sanctuary – Iceland’s complex relationship with whales

Iceland is an incredible island full of contrasts – from fiery volcanos to icy glaciers, thundering waterfalls to cavernous rift valleys. Amidst all the wonder, one sobering paradox looms: while the seas are home to populations of wild whales, docked in the port two lone, harpoon-equipped whaling ships threaten these amazing beings.

Whaling ship Hvalur 8 arrives at the whaling station with two fin whales

A summer of hope and heartbreak for whales in Icelandic waters

Now that the 2023 whaling season in Iceland has ended, it’s time to reflect on the whirlwind of events that unfolded for the fin whales in Icelandic waters. We have been at the forefront of efforts to end the slaughter, and this season was a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments of hope that an end to whaling was in sight, and heartache as 25 sentient beings fell victim to the harpoons.

Pilot whale

How we need to support Faroese communities to end the whale and dolphin hunts

Change is in the air as people wake up to the reality that our planet and the species we share it with cannot be treated as endless resources. This awakening has taken root in Iceland, where a majority now opposes whaling. Our goal is to extend this growing appreciation of whales and dolphins to the Faroe Islands, where a centuries-old culture of hunting pilot whales persists.

Harbour porpoise. Image: Charlie Phillips/WDC

Speaking up for the little guys – WDC in action

Whales and dolphins face so many dangers. These intelligent beings are crucial for the wellbeing of the ocean and therefore our planet. If their future is in jeopardy, then so is ours. These threats affect not only the giants – celebrated species like humpback whales, but also the smaller species that we maybe hear less…

Humpback whale fluke in Alaska.

An unforgettable first encounter – observing the whales we work to protect

I have kept a dark secret since joining WDC back in June 2021. Despite my reverence and admiration for whales, my work to help them, all the talks and presentations I have given calling for their protection and restoration, and the numerous whale-themed items that adorn my home office video call backdrop; I had never…

WDC in Japan – Part 2: Digital dolphins

Welcome to the second chapter of my incredible journey to build alliances in Japan. As promised in my last blog, I am going to tell you about my experience at a magical exhibition. This opportunity came about through an invitation from one of the many inspiring individuals I had the privilege of meeting in Japan…