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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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IWC passes Resolution to implement ICJ ruling and control future 'Article VIII' whaling

The IWC has today passed a resolution that seeks to control scientific whaling. The full text is below. After much efforts at reaching consensus, New Zealand had to press ahead and return to its earlier draft as below Whaling under Special Permit Submitted by New Zealand IWC/65/14 Rev1 Agenda item 15 Noting the judgment of March 31, 2014…


IWC – Day Three Round up from Slovenia

Day Three So what did yesterday’s closed-door session reveal? From the opening session it’s hard to tell. Scientific permits and the impact of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) We should have seen how this was going to go when Japan insisted that there was only one way to objectively read the ICJ Judgment and that…

Greenland and the IWC – what comes next?

The issue of whaling in Greenland is, of course, an emotive one. For those that do not wish to see any whales killed, they find it hard to understand why anyone would or could kill a whale in any circumstance. For the indigenous hunter in Greenland whose parents and grandparents have hunted whales for millennia,…


Risso’s dolphins the first victims of the 2014 drive hunt season in Taiji, Japan

Unlike the beginning of the 2013 drive hunt season, where the first few weeks involved the round-up of approximately 30 bottlenose dolphins that were spared alive for a life in captivity, the beginning of the 2014 drive hunt season has thankfully been less eventful as poor weather and unsuccessful round-ups have allowed dolphins to elude…



Saturday, September 6th was an incredible day, and a day the WDC North American staff will remember.  As Expedition 2014: White Sharks and Whales left the dock, all 260 people on board the Hyannis Whale Watcher had high expectations. Everyone was hoping to see some exciting marine wildlife – specifically humpback whales and great white…


Day Two from the IWC Slovenia

I have used this image as sometimes at the meetings of the International Whaling Commission you can find that people forget that we are dealing with sentient fellow creatures and not just statistics. So for all those that signed off on killing more of these guys yesterday, here is a humpback – they are not…