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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Nachwuchs im Moray Firth! Teil II

Hallo zusammen, es gibt noch mehr Nachwuchs-Neuigkeiten aus dem Moray Firth… Diesmal aus dem Kessock-Kanal, wo unsere liebe Kesslet vor ein paar Tagen einen kleinen Wonneproppen zur Welt gebracht hat! Gestern hatte ich das Glück, dass mich Eric Wardlaw von Phoenix Cruises im Hafen von Inverness, einer der lokalen Betreiber für Bootstouren, auf einen Ausflug…

Boys Will Be Boys….

Hi Everyone, Dolphin sightings around the Kessock Channel and Chanonry are pretty quiet just at the moment. I was at our Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay last Sunday and at one stage in the distance about 1.5km away we had around 20 dolphins, some with small babies travelling past heading east. It was lovely…

A sad day on the beach

It was with some trepidation that I offered my help to Nick Davison from SMASS (Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme) on the morning of Monday 8th September when he called to ask for some assistance from WDC in a Minke whale post mortem at Whitehills (around 20 miles along the coast from my usual place…


A day of highs and lows for whales: round-up of final day of the IWC meeting in Slovenia

The day began with the Distinguished Commissioner for Australia reporting on the Finance and Administration Committee, noting that Japan has offered to Chair the ‘Working Group on Support for New Countries’. There is some laughter in the margins, as many people believe Japan has already been running its own ‘Recruitment Working Group’. There is some debate…


Caught on camera – meet the dolphins of the Azores

WDC’s Sarah Dolman reports on her final days in the Azores where she helped carry out field work for a local research organization, Nova Atlantis, this summer. In my 4 weeks on Pico we saw more pods of Risso’s dolphins than any other species! In the 15 years that the study has been underway, Nova…


IWC says no to Japanese whaling

The IWC today resoundingly rejected Japan’s attempt to gain a commercial whaling quota for its commercial coastal whaling operations and passed a resolution that instructs the Commisison and its Scientific Committee to implement further controls on Article VIII whaling. Japan had been attempting to obtain a quota of 17 whales from the Okhotsk Sea east…