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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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porpoise on beach

Why now is the time for government action on dolphin deaths in fishing nets

Thousands of dolphins, porpoises, whales, seabirds, seals and other protected species die in fishing gear in UK waters each year. This is known as ‘bycatch‘ and inadequate government action has meant that it’s continued largely unabated for decades. After our exit from the European Union, the UK implemented the Fisheries Act 2020. Contained within this…

This dolphin died in a fishing net. CSIP-ZSL

Not in our nets – get involved with our new campaign

As new government fishing policies are put together, now is your chance to tell ministers that they must stop dolphins dying in fishing nets around the UK.  It’s easy to have your say – just follow the link to our action page where you can send our ready-made email and/or a prepared tweet. Tell ministers…

Dolphin deaths in fishing nets – 30 years and what’s been done?

Every week in UK waters about 30 porpoises, dolphins, whales and seals die in our fishing nets. Unable to get free, they will often struggle before suffocating. A large whale might pick up fishing gear and carry it, cutting into their skin and blubber, painfully slowing them down and preventing them from feeding. It was…

Buttercups on Shorewatch hill

Spring is here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre

Buttercups, snowdrops and dolphin sightings are out in Spey Bay Our Scottish Dolphin Centre recently re-opened for the new season and our Shorewatch programme is gearing up for the months ahead. It can mean only one thing: spring is finally here! With opportunities to head outside, like the reopening of the centre and enjoy warmer…

Risso's dolphin entagled in fishing line and plastic bags

The ocean is awash with plastic – can we ever clean it up?

You’ve seen pictures of plastic litter accumulating on beaches or marine wildlife swimming through floating rubbish in some ocean far away and, like me, you’ve probably wondered if and how we could ever clean up this mess. Marine plastic litter is a global environmental plague and a serious threat to marine wildlife. Up to 23…


Welsh tidal turbines could be catastrophic for porpoises

A proposal for underwater tidal turbines in an area where porpoises and Risso’s dolphins come to feed and raise their newborns is threatening the West Wales Marine Special Area of Conservation and wildlife it protects. Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) is a small wildlife-rich island, at the tip of the Llyn Peninsula, in North Wales. The…