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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Conference reports many threats facing European whales and dolphins

We wanted to share some of the highlights (and low points) of the 29th  European Cetacean Society conference that WDC participated in this week. This is a scientific forum where a wide range of workshops and presentations that are relevant to the welfare and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises (and quite a few on seals…


Right Whales: A Love Story- Making the Best of a Bad Situation

By Robert Rocha The death of any North Atlantic right whale (NARW) is bad news, especially when the death is accidental and avoidable. It is rare that any good comes out of such a situation.  But, much like the data collected at necropsies can be used to help formulate measures to protect living whales, so…


News from the orca world

Big things are happening for Pacific Northwest orcas!  Here’s an overview of the 2015 news so far: Lolita is Now Officially a Southern Resident! On February 4, Lolita (also known as Tokitae) was officially included in the endangered listing of the Southern Resident orca Distinct Population Segment (DPS) by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). …


Business as Usual in Taiji?

Another drive hunt season has come to an end in the coastal whaling town of Taiji, Japan. Looking at the numbers of dolphins killed this season, there has been much speculation about what the trends might be telling us. With a preliminary and unofficial count, it appears that fewer dolphins than last season were rounded…

Right Whales: A Love Story- Shackleton and Legato

By Ashley Schaffert   Whales have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Buffalo, you wonder how a small child would be so obsessed with these giants, without ever seeing them or living near them. That is the beauty of these animals; they captivate people…

Some Sad News…

Hi Everyone, I have a wee bit of sad news about Kesslet’s baby that was born in September last year and who I photographed this year on January the 6th down near the Kessock Bridge looking happy and healthy. Between then and a few weeks ago something has happened and I don’t see the baby…