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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Are humpback whales still endangered?

Saturday, April 18th was the perfect weather day to venture out to see some of the Gulf of Maine’s most majestic seasonal residents. Recently back from the warm, tropical waters of the West Indies and Caribbean, these humpback whales are part of our Whale Adoption Project family.  We look forward to greeting them each spring…

Right Whales: A Love Story- Collaborating to save a species

Before we jump into this episode, we want to extend a huge thank you to all who added their voice to the critical habitat campaign! We submitted over 2,000 signatures to NOAA Fisheries, and are hopeful that NOAA will make the right decision and expand the North Atlantic right whale critical habitat to include the…


Hi Everyone, This is a difficult time for our dolphins at the moment as the early salmon run has pretty much stuttered to a halt. The dolphins are positioning themselves anywhere that they think migratory fish will run, like Zephyr and Scoopy here at Chanonry Point in the below photo. They are even coming through…

Longest migration – gray or humpback whales?

The news has embraced gray whales as the new winner for the longest mammal migration title, a superlative long thought to belong humpback whales. However, does the recently-released research really give the edge to gray whales?   In the case of the gray whale, tagging data provided the distance calculation, however, migration distances are typically…

Rainy Days and Mondays…

Hi Everyone, Well Tuesdays actually…the weather has been a bit of a challenge again up here with sleet and gales but I managed a few frames of Scoopy and Zephyr yesterday (Tuesday) in the pouring rain. It has been a bit quiet for dolphins over the past few weeks but signs of an increase in…

Stop the River Dolphin Slaughter: WDC presents Brazilian Public Prosecution Service with 176,599 signatures

WDC is working with Rafael da Silva Rocha, of the Brazilian Public Prosecution Service, and other partners in Brazil to stop the brutal slaughter of Amazon River dolphins, known locally as ‘botos’. Thank you to everyone who signed our letter of support to Rafael. Our Brazilian colleague Sannie Brum (from the Piagacu Institute in Brazil)…