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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton


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Increasing the size of orca tanks sounds like a good idea, but…

(The statement below was excerpted from WDC’s official letter to the California Coastal Commission) WDC encourages the California Coastal Commission to deny the coastal development permit sought by SeaWorld for its Blue World orca tank expansion project. We believe that what are relatively marginal increases in orca habitat (in comparison to an ocean environment) will not…

Unlocking the secrets of whale and dolphin societies

Arguably more than anything else, photo-identification, or “photo-ID,” opened the door to our appreciation of whales and dolphins as individuals. WDC researchers and close collaborators have had a key role in the development and use of photo-ID, and it’s still the fundamental tool that we use in our work with North Atlantic right whales off…

Georgia Aquarium Permit Denial Stands: Court rules in favor of beluga whales

The appeal by Georgia Aquarium to overturn and invalidate the decision to deny its request for a permit to import 18 beluga whales from Russia is officially closed. On September 28th, the federal district court in Atlanta officially dismissed Georgia Aquarium’s motion for summary judgment, which practically means the original import permit denial issued by…

New Ideas or simply whaling’s apologists?

There seems to be an interesting trend in the semi-scientific literature where authors, consciously or unconsciously, seek to represent the arguments of the pro-whaling lobby but dress them up as if they are creating something original for us to consider. Interestingly these opinions are coming from credible scientists and this gives them more weight, but…

Diving Off For A Few Days…

Just to let you know that I’m off on a weeks break from today – I spotted Sundance alongside Kesslet this morning in the Kessock Channel which was a real surprise as he hasn’t been in here much over the season. Anyway – must dive off and pack.

Bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins first victims of drive hunts in Taiji

The first slaughter of the drive hunt season which officially began on September 1st commenced with the brutal killing of at least 16 Risso’s dolphins that were herded into the killing cove on September 10th. Reports from Taiji also reveal the tragic chase, capture and round-up of as many as 80 bottlenose dolphins on September…