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How we help whales and dolphins

WDC works on many whale and dolphin issues across the world which we group into four main goals.

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Our 4 goals


Stop hunting whales and dolphins

WDC campaigns to stop whaling. Whaling means whale hunting. Some people want to make money from selling whale meat and body parts.

Prevent whales and dolphins dying in fishing in nets

Whales and dolphins accidentally get caught and die in fishing nets and ropes. WDC is campaigning for governments to do more to prevent these deaths and save thousands of lives.


End cruel whale and dolphin captivity

Marine park businesses make money by keeping whales and dolphins in small tanks, sometimes alone, and force them to perform tricks to entertain people. Whales and dolphins are suffering in captivity for human fun. WDC is campaigning to end captivity worldwide.


Protect the Ocean

WDC aims to protect areas that are especially important for whales and dolphins. There is a growing awareness and understanding that we need to save the homes of whales and dolphins and our own futures too.

Sanctuary for two brave belugas

In 2020, Little White and Little Grey became the first captive beluga whales to be released into a marine sanctuary. After spending years in a marine park in China, WDC and the Sea Life Trust worked together to create a safe home for the whales in Iceland on a remote island where they can live out their lives in a more natural environment.

5 beluga facts

  1. Beluga whales are one of the most vocal of all whales and dolphins, capable of making a variety of chirps, whistles and clicks.
  2. Beluga whales are grey when they are born and turn white as they get older.
  3. Belugas have a varied diet. They will happily eat cod, herring and salmon, as well as squid, shrimps and crabs.
  4. Despite having teeth, belugas do not chew their food but swallow it whole.
  5. Belugas are only found in the cold waters of the arctic and sub-arctic.

 5 sanctuary facts

  1. WDC and the Sea Life Trust have created the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary.
  2. The sanctuary is located at Heimaey in the Westman Islands.
  3. The sanctuary covers an area of 32,000 square metres.
  4. The belugas travelled 6,000 miles from China to Iceland.
  5. Little White and Little Grey were both 13 years old in 2020.

Flight of the belugas

The total distance from Shanghai to Keflavik Airport in Iceland is 5,489 nautical miles



Whale and dolphin colouring sheets and puzzles for children to download.


Amazing tales


Moby Dick

In November 2020, it was 200 years since an enormous male sperm whale famously turned on a group of American whalers, ramming their ship, the Essex, and sinking it. News of the event shocked the world. It also inspired author Herman Melville to write his famous book about a whaler and his crew who try to hunt a rare white sperm whale - Moby Dick.

Blue whale © Andrew Sutton

New blue whale population

Blue whales may be the largest creature to live on the planet but amazingly in early 2021 a new population of blue whales was discovered living in the Indian Ocean. Scientists were amazed when they heard blue whale calls that had not been reported before. Blue whales’ sounds can be heard 500 miles away!

Squeak, one of the Port River dolphins

France ban whales and dolphins captivity

Last year France became the latest country to ban the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity. France’s three marine parks will now not be able to breed dolphins and orcas, or import them from other countries.


Ancient whale skeleton

Whales and dolphins evolved millions of years ago. Recently the ancient skeleton of a Bryde’s whale was discovered in Thailand. The bones were thought to be between 3 and 5,000 years old!